Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide all supplies for your cleaning.  We also may have vacuum cleaners, depending on the cleaner.  We will use your personal supplies if you wish.

We accept cash, check or any cards.

A regular cleaning would be on a recurring basis and includes the “Standard Cleaning” list on the Services page. A deep cleaning is usually the first cleaning at a home or business and would include the “Deep Cleaning” list on the Services page. We recommend a deep cleaning every 3-4 months. Lastly, a move out clean is when the home or business is vacant and includes the “Move Out Cleaning” list on the Services page.
We commit to sending the same cleaner for each recurring cleaning unless that cleaner is unavailable due to sickness, vacation, etc. We will notify you ahead of time if it will be someone other than who you normally have. If you would like to, we can reschedule or cancel your cleaning until your normal cleaner returns.
e guarantee your cleaning for seven (7) days on areas that are outlined on the invoice. Cleaning will NOT be guaranteed due to people actively living in the home or working in the workspace.
We require a minimum of 24 hours in advance for a cancellation. Any cancellations made in under the 24 hours or if we arrive and cannot complete the clean due to any reason, there will be a trip fee charged. Trip fee is determined on location.
We will move small plants, small end tables, pets beds, small rugs, baskets, and the chairs for tables. Any other furniture will be cleaned around.
We prefer pets are in kennels or separate areas/rooms while cleaning is taking place. This ensures safety of all parties.
No, Abra Kadabra Cleaning does not clean rodent or bug infestations. Once these issues are remedied, our company can clean the home/work place. We will require a walk through prior to scheduling to ensure the issue is remedied.

It would be helpful for as many items to be removed from counter tops and off the floors as possible. If we are cleaning windows and blinds, we ask that furniture is removed from in front of them. We also ask that pets are put away if possible.

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